Hi there, and thank you for creating a new BEE for the bees moving beyond a wedding date.

It's nice to have a place to come and chat about life beyond wedding planning, however not all of the newly weds are having babies, or are even capable of making them. Yet, the forum is about hardly anything but mini-bees, and life raising them. It might be nice to have a bit of board diversity to assist with the entire scope of your demographic. For example, things around the house, adapting to marriage / keeping the romance alive, careers, family, etc. Life doesn't stop for mommy and daddy outside of the baby's room; and for other bees, babies are far distant goals. Others don't want them, or can't even have them. It would be nice to have the lifestyles of these bees addressed as well. Some bees feel alienated on "Weddingbee" because they are not planning a wedding any longer, but may feel like they will not fit in on Hellobee if they do not have a child. It's kind of a catch 22, but I know you'll have a fun time building this site up more and more with the hive community.

Suggestion aside, thank you again for graduating the wedding planning forum into a new area of life for your loyal hive!

ETA: Sorry, I just stumbled upon the "Beyond Baby" category-- It had the word "baby", and my mind must have blocked it out. See, you have thought of everything! Great work.