@MrBee and @MrsBee:

There's some discussion over on the Infertility Support thread about a breakdown for the Infertility Category, or maybe just individual posts. I thought I would capture this here, just in case we need to find it again. It may not have everything we need to include, but I wanted to capture it while it was fresh in my mind.

IF: Common Acronyms

IF: My First RE Appointment

IF: Questions to Ask Your RE

IF: Worries & Concerns

IF: The Proactive Patient

IF: Surgery Support

IF: HSG Test

IF: Endometriosis Support

IF: PCOS Support

IF: Professional Resources

IF: Mental & Emotional Coping Tips

IF: Recent Updates / Your TTC Journey

IF: Cycles and Support

IF: Day to Day Support

IF: Financial Questions

IF: Free Hugs